Book Club Questions

For the person who chose this book for the club:

  1. What made you want to read it?
  2. What made you suggest it to the group for discussion?
  3. Did it fulfill your expectation? Why or why not?

For the group:

  1. What do you feel motivated Laura Eckert to share her life story?
  2. Who do you believe is the intended audience?
  3. What do you feel is the specific message or theme of the book?
  4. Do you feel Laura is trying to elicit a certain response from the reader, such as sympathy?
  5. How has this book changed or enhanced your view of forgiveness?
  6. Have you read other memoirs relating to abortion? If yes, does Laura bring something unique to the subject?
  7. How does this book relate to your life or experiences?
  8. What is Laura’s most admirable quality? What quality did you dislike?
  9. Discuss the structure of the book and Laura’s use of language and writing style. How did she draw you in and keep you reading? Do you feel she was too provocative? Too honest? Not honest enough?
  10. Did any parts of Laura’s story make you uncomfortable?
  11. Was there a chapter or passage that stood out for you and gave you an “a-ha” moment?
  12. Did this book change your perspective about abortion or anything else?
  13. What did you learn from this book that you didn’t know before?
  14. Would you have read this book if it hadn’t been a book club selection? Why or why not?
  15. Are you glad you read this book?
  16. What did you like or dislike about this book that hasn’t been discussed already?

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