Abortion does not help women in a crisis pregnancy

Abortion adds turmoil and heartache

Abortion sucks. I despise everything about it. The first time I became pregnant, I was 16 years old. At the time, I was emotionally and mentally fragile. (You can read about how I reacted to this life-changing event in my book, Just Another Girl’s Story). My parents opted for me to have an abortion. When I was 17 years old, I got pregnant again. Once again, my parents took me to Planned Parenthood.

Speaking for myself, nothing good came from destroying the lives of my unborn. Before my first abortion, I was sexually active at a very young age; 14 years old to be exact. I come from a dysfunctional family, and I became addicted to sex to escape family stress. When I became pregnant at age 16, the abortion solution added anguish to my already delicate mental state.

My second trip to Planned Parenthood only made matters worse for me, as the doctor was reckless when he placed my dead baby on a silver metal tray after mutilating my baby from inside. I will never be able to forget the image of a tiny leg and arm heaped in a bloodied mess on that tray.

I never received any counseling after either abortion. At the time (and for years following), I didn’t realize the pain I suffered internally was related to the loss of my unborn. I never took the time to grieve their loss and subsequently, I suffered depression, excessive drinking and the desire to be isolated.

Abortion is not a solution

Before my Pro-Life proclamation in my 30s, I didn’t pay much attention to abortion. Even though I experienced two at a young age, I was indifferent and did not have much of an opinion. I could not place any conviction to its existence. Instead, I tried to forget them, and I continuously tried to keep my abortions buried because of the pain and guilt associated with those experiences.

You see, abortion did not help me, it nearly destroyed me. What seemed like the best solution to my parents at the time, turned out to be some of the reasons I became so careless in subsequent decisions I made. Abortion did not rescue me from a crisis pregnancy, and the workers at Planned Parenthood did not care that I was in a crisis.

Planned Parenthood is not a friend to women in crisis pregnancies

I cannot understand how Planned Parenthood can falsely state on their website, “Serious, long-term emotional problems after an abortion are rare.” How on earth can this claim be made? What is their proof? This is a bold statement to make without valid facts to support such an outrageous claim.

Over the years I have met numerous women who like me, have suffered serious, long-term emotional problems from abortion. Most women don’t talk about their abortion experience freely, and many do not link their abortion to problems afterward. For most women, abortion is a shameful and regrettable experience, and silence is the best way to deal with these feelings. Many women never reveal their pain to anyone.

Planned Parenthood has no right to make such a false statement. This organization does not speak on my behalf. I did suffer long-term emotional problems that can be directly related to my abortion experience. This cannot be refuted by Planned Parenthood, or anyone else. I am keenly aware of the impact my abortions had on my emotional, physical and spiritual self.

What supporters of abortion fail to recognize is the mental state of a woman in a crisis pregnancy. The term “crisis” reflects that a woman is in a vulnerable state and requires special care. Abortion is a permanent decision; one that is irreversible. If a woman regrets her decision to abort, how can this not cause long-term emotional problems? Regret is awful and can have damaging effects.

Women have other alternatives

It’s been more than 33 years since I had my second abortion. I am grateful that new rules, regulations, and laws are now enacted. I am aware that many states now require a woman to receive counseling before a decision can be made and some states require a 24 hour waiting period. Additionally, an ultrasound is typically performed to estimate the age of the baby.

Although I feel the new rules are significant, they don’t matter much if Planned Parenthood is behind the wheel of the counseling session. That’s like getting a second opinion about a legal matter from a partner at the same law firm. What’s the point? They want your business and will do and say what they can to get your money.

What women need during in a crisis pregnancy is an unbiased therapist, experienced in dealing with the aftermath of abortion. Women need to learn the truth, and they need to understand that they likely will experience serious and long-term emotional problems. Having this information ahead of such a life-altering decision is critical. At least then, a claim cannot be made that “no one told me.” Women need to be fully informed.

I believe that once a woman is fully informed and has time to digest all the risk factors, she has a better chance of giving birth than succumbing to abortion. Giving birth is even more likely if a woman has resources about adoption and pregnancy homes. Naturally, women possess motherly instincts. It’s how God designed women. I strongly feel that maternal instincts do not include destroying life.

Choose Life!

Abortion is not a political topic; it is a human concern. It’s never too late to change the heart of a woman considering abortion. We just need to provide as much warning as we receive when taking prescription drugs. All of the risk associated with abortion should be communicated freely, as done on pamphlets we receive with our drugs from Walgreens.

Knowledge is powerful. So is prayer. Please pray for all women facing a crisis pregnancy.






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